Tuesday, April 26, 2011

VAD 57 Hospital Visiting

Well as we all know, the Miri Hospital Visiting is over and we sure had a great time learning about the Emergency and Trauma Department!

For those who missed out on the event, here's some picture for your updates:
This is the Emergency Department~~~!

Members all getting excited for their first time visiting the department

Explanation and introduction by the Medical Officer

Time for practice! (members are practicing on moving the victim the proper way)

and of course, we need volunteer for practice! =D

looking good... hehehe

so this is how it looks like inside the Ambulance. interesting :O

~Slides presentation from the staff before ending the event ~

group photos is a must! =D

well how about that? Isnt it looks interesting from the pictures shown? A picture describes thousands of words so make sure you join our event in the future!

Enjoy your day and don't forget to have more fun with us!

Darrold Lim
IT Officer

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